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Tinly(Jieyang) Hi-tech electronics co., ltd is located in industrial transfer Zone, with 10,000 meter squares and 3 producing departments, 1engineering lab. Tinly(Jieyang) manufactures electronic components and provides engineering proposal. Tinly also produces Tinly brand car audio system and home audio accessories, including car amplifier, car speaker, sub-woofer, loudspeaker box, car tweeter, high power AC inverter, crossover, home and professional speaker, home theatre equipments and computer speaker box. With high end automatic producing, inspection and test equipments such as semiconductor automatic package producing line, car speaker producing line, high end car speaker producing line and detecting equipments, we focus on sales and development of our product. Now our productions are sold to more than 40 countries in Europ, America, Asia, Africa and also in China.

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